Motion (Camera Motion)

Cannon EOS 20D, Tamron 28-300mm: 1s, f/32, 130mm, ISO 100, TV, +1/3EV, Tripod and self-timer (which helped to be ready for the 1 sec exposure)
Of the 30+ experimental shots, this is the one I liked best. This is a very cool technique and anxious to try again with something other trees. Russ

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  1. Russ, I like this very much. The technique looks good. I especially like the contrast of the warm & cool colors. Note how the colors give some depth to the image (warm colors advance and cool recede).
    A challenge with this technique is to find a camera movement that “flows” with the subject. This is a reason why trees with a vertical pan are relatively easy. If the tree scene has a lot of horizontal elements (like branches) often the technique fails because the vertical pan “goes against the grain” and the horizontal elements translate into a “wall” when blurred (hope this makes sense). Freeman Patterson does wonderful camera movement images hand held to achieve flowing curved lines that fit the subject. I’ve rarely succeeded without the tripod. Another way to make a similar image (illusion of motion) is via multiple exposures rather than a single long shutter speed camera movement exposure. We’ll discuss this later, but here are examples of what’s possible.
    Freeman Patterson hand held multiple exposure >>
    Ed Knepley tripod 9-shot multiple exposure; zoom & rotate between shots

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