Motion – Preview

This is the third in our series of lessons. In this lesson we’ll consider ways to deal with motion – ideally to make creative images. Some examples of what we’ll look at are,
1. When the subject is moving –
a. Panning the camera to keep the subject in focus (more or less) while blurring the background
Photo from Dreamer7112’s Photostream @ Flickr

b. Keeping the camera stationary to keep the background in focus and simultaneously get a frozen or blurred subject (depending on shutter speed)
Photo from E01’s Photostream at Flickr
2. Stationary subject
a. Moving the camera for “arty” effects

Photos by Ed Knepley (camera movement illustrations – vertical pan )
The primary camera setting for dealing with motion is shutter speed. In general, we can state the obvious –

  • Fast shutter speeds freeze action
  • Slow shutter speeds support blurring
  • The definition of  fast & slow shutter speeds depends on the speed of movement of the subject.

Here is a 3-minute video that discusses shutter speed basics.
Here’s another short video (very basic) that may be helpful.

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