Bokeh is an “advanced” focus related topic that I forgot to include in the Focus Summary post. More details here.
Bokeh definitions –

  1. The rendition of out-of-focus points of light
  2. Subjective aesthetic quality of out-of-focus areas of an image

Check this site for examples of using Bokeh to make creative images (scroll down; there are 40). My 2nd spider web example in Lesson #1c is another example.
If you’d like to go a step further and exert some personal control over bokeh check this site.
Several weeks before the previous link’s article was posted, I had tried something similar and made the following image. No Photoshop, straight from the camera. Did basically the same thing that the author of the previous link describes. The technique illustrates the first Bokeh definition from above. The points of light normally would be rendered as circles (wide open, and progressing toward octagon-like as you stop down; here the lens was wide open). Never stop trying new things; stay alive.

Just as Freeman Patterson has inspired many aspects of my photography (such as the shoot-through in the selective focus lesson) the next image is a bokeh derived image of his which will be the inspiration for my next personal project. (Like his shoot-through inspiration, a far better signed copy hangs at Joe Miller’s studio.) After posting Freeman’s image, I’m almost ashamed to leave my example for comparison 🙁

Pick up your camera and have fun!

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