Focus – Preview of Coming Attractions

Since there is little to say about photography that isn’t already on the internet, I plan to rely heavily on links to existing material. Before leaving this preview be certain to view its three videos (links below).
This  lesson will be focused (pun intended) on the subject of focus. The first video is to get you ready in terms of using your camera’s aperture priority setting. To view the 3-minute video click – Aperture Priority Mode
These next two videos (less than 90 seconds each) will tell you all that you need to know about –

  1. Aperture – which is what you control when your camera’s shooting mode is set to Aperture Priority; click  About Aperture
  2. Depth of Field (DOF) – this is modified when you change the aperture setting (the f/stop) – click  About DOF

Look  at the videos and then adjust your camera to ensure that you’ll be ready for what follows under Focus (where I won’t repeat these basics).
Note – A disadvantage of using 3rd party material is that it may disappear. If you encounter a broken link please leave a comment on the post where it occurs so that the problem can be fixed.

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