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Affinity Photo User Guide

Covers the AP workspace, basic editing skills and example editing projects. Links access the entire AP official documentation for more details. Downloadable. Free! Hover over this flip box for download.
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Site Contents:

Image capture, processing & printing, as well as: art, color theory, human vision, optical illusions, image file organization and more. Find answers to all of your questions including material found nowhere else.
Craftsmanship, composition and creativity topics, as they apply to photography, are given special attention.

Nik Plugin User Guide

The most complete Nik Plugin guide and tutorial anywhere!
A complete table of contents

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Below Are a Few Content Samples

A Regular eBook

In addition to the usual instructional blog posts, there are eBooks based on collections of blog posts. Hover over this flip box to view an example.
Here’s an example. The book was written based on a seven post series written in the spring of 2012. Use the site menu’s Search (search for “Art & Craft”) to view the original seven posts for comparison.

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A Flip Page eBook

eBooks come in different formats and styles. Check out this one & its flip pages.
How about an eBook with flippable pages?

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A Video

Videos are a popular tutorial format. There are already over 100 sprinkled among the current posts and more will be added.
The Metamorphosis of an Image. Just an experimental video sample.

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10/15/19 – Home page redesign to highlight User Guide & Nik Plugins

10/9/19 – Published 2nd edition of Affinity Photo User Guide